Haere mai ki te kura Katorika o te Manawa Tapu | Welcome to Sacred Heart School

Sacred Heart School is a Catholic Primary School, located in North East Valley, Dunedin. Students at Sacred Heart benefit from our highly qualified and dedicated teachers and a child-focused Board of Trustees. We pride ourselves on our caring environment, constructive relationships with our local community and our consistently high academic achievement.

We welcome enquiries from new families, and have places available for Catholic and non-Catholic children. Please contact us to find out more.

Mission Statement

Sacred Heart School aims to provide children with the skills to develop their full potential spiritually, academically, physically and culturally.

Vision Statement

At Sacred Heart School we recognise the intrinsic dignity and individuality of each child and build on their natural desire to inquire and learn. We therefore aim through our influence, example, commitment and effort, to provide our children with a superior education in a safe, caring and supportive environment, to foster their healthy self-esteem and respect for themselves and each other, and to nurture their continuing spiritual development.


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